Lets Build aN ANVIL

All Anvils are shipped freight on an easy to handle pallet. Any other items you have in your cart with this anvil at the time of checkout will be calculated to ship in the same pallet.

We just need a little info from you before we can add your anvil to the cart.

Shipping Location

Select the type of delivery location.


Residential deliveries include homes, garages, and shops. The shipping company will give you the most consideration in this case also sending a small box truck in most cases. They will call ahead of delivery and work with you to make sure that your machine is held for some time to allow you to schedule the ideal time for delivery.


Commercial deliveries are for stand alone shops and businesses. The shipping company will call ahead to let you know that the time your machine is being deliver and discus the size truck that is needed.


Industrial deliveries must be to locations inside heavy industrial facilities. Deliveries will be made with a full size truck within business hours. There may not be a call ahead before delivery.

Shipping zone

Select the state the machine will be shipped to

Fork Lift on site

Select your unloading method

Lift gate

While they wont put it in your shop for you a lift gate deliver will allow the driver to get as close as possible to your shop and lower the machine to the ground. The driver will have a pallet jack to move it from there.


By selecting that you have a forklift or other piece of equipment on hand to unload the shipment when it arrives from the back of the truck. Most shipments weight between 1,600 - 1,800 pounds.

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